Face Brutal Vomit

A Smelly Goodbye

I love to humiliate my slaves, it is my mission in life. This slave is no different I simply love to humiliate him. I have step by step turned him into my personal disposal. He will never say no to me, he can’t suffer the consequences. He has just been visiting me, or should I say served me, and I want to give him a going home present. You know being the owner of a slave, is like a dog outside. You need to mark your territory. So when he goes home, I make sure he smell of me, or should I say my waste products..! This will for sure keep everybody on a safe distance.So I start with feeding him with my pee, and really a lot of it. After I have him clean the floor I squat over his face and poop two logs in his pathetic mouth. He have to eat them both, he is going to smell ME both outside and inside! When he has finished my poop I feed him with my tampon, so now he is my total disposal for all my needs. He is now prepared to his journey home with the smell of me as his travel companion.

2 Girls Love To Suck And Drink Pee

these 2 girls really like to suck cock, and drink pee at the same time.. So the guys make sure they get lots of pee in there mouth!

A Crappy Foot Massager

So a guy came to me for massaging my feet. Because I want to have some fun he first must suffer some pain! But what then this guy calls a foot masage is really bad! As punishment for the bad massage I shit in his mouth. I commanded to eat the shit, but the slave is too stupid for that. In the end he is absoluetely useless!