Facegoodental Shit During Anal

Jeans Wetting And Pee Play

I had a bad dream and when my hubby woke me up I just need to pee. My bladder was so full that I wanted to wet my jeans and bed! Tons of pee and my jeans are soaked wet as well as my bed. But still there is some pee in my bladder so i took off my jeans and kept on pee play

I Spiked Their Drink With Laxative! – Part 3

The delighted bastard scoops the scat from the floor and crams it into his wretched mouth! He smears the sticky shit all over his face and makes them eat it too. The girls practically vomit in disgust!

Lady Lina – The Shit Saleswoman

At 6 o┬┤clock in the morning, Lady Lina comes to her slave to sell him her morning shit.