Facesitting An Shitting

To Fill His Mouth

My toilet slave is cleaning my shoes while I am thinking of how to humiliate him even more! Suddenly I feel movements in my belly … So I decided to use him as my toilet slave and to shit in his mouth! I bring him in the toilet and place him on the floor and make him to open his dirty mouth.

Monica Socks Diareeah

Monica is hot runing painfull messy and ery stinky diareeah wearing white socks!

Nothing Beats Schoolgirl Scat! – Part 3

She lets out a puddle of watery shit, right over my eager face. She rubs her soiled butt on my face, making me lick her clean. She smears the shit all over my face using her hands.

Mistress Gaia Bikini Holiday

I just got back from the beach and I was just doing a poo! Unfortunately you were away, otherwise we would have solved the problem more comfortably … True, human toilet? For this time only to look satisfied, the next you will need to eat again!