Facesitting Piss And Shit

Very Stinky Shit From Christina And Karina

Very stinky shit from Christina and Karina. I do not often meet with the Mistresses. Every meeting for me is like a holiday.I gladly serve the girls in the role of the toilet, but this time it was really very difficult for me. Mrs. Christina and Karina took turns shitting into my mouth, sitting on the bench. Christina prepared very well. Yesterday she ate pizza, macaroni, rolls, buckwheat and cake. When she started feeding me her crap, it was really very hard for me, and a couple of times I almost vomited. Shit was very smelly, but I had to overcome myself and eat every last bit of it.Karina was next. She ate fruits and vegetables. After the fruits shit is not very smelly, but it was solid. Therefore I had to chew it, and it caused me to feel nauseous. I chewed Karina’s crap for a very long time, but still coped. Serving the girls was difficult, but I really enjoyed the meeting with them. After all, there is nothing more pleasant than to eat the shit from a beautiful female ass.

Can’t Stop

It’s time for shit.I sit in my bathroom and shit and shit and shit.Looks like its like ‘no end shit.Also it was so hard to wipe my ass clean.Check this out.

Standing Poop

This is a standing-up, backwards facing poop. I am standing with the camera below me, showing off my body in full. I caress my tits a little while I tell you how badly I need to shit right now. I turn around and show you my cute ass, stroking it. Then I realise, before this poo comes out I need to pee. I open my legs a little and pee; the hot piss runs down my legs and on to the floor. That’s better! Now, time to poo. I turn around and spread my ass cheeks. I start pushing and the head of a log starts poking out. I say “see that” teasingly and then push again. It slides all the way out slowly and lands with a thud on the floor. A second log follows quickly with another loud thud and then a little drop to finish. I show you a close-up of the poo, telling you how good it felt to get it out.

Mistress Roberta -my Way To Make You Eat The Whole Shit -pov

Today i have an new way to push you eat my whole diarrhea i just made putting a part of it on my ass so you can lick it clean and after you can eat the rest.