Facesitting Poop Urine Human Toiley For Punishment

Good Morning Girls! Lassie.

Good morning girls! Lassie. What can be more delicious, for a toilet slave than a morning toilet for a girl? It is in the morning that girls often fart and strongly want to shit and their shit has the sharpest smell. The girl woke up and her body calls her to the toilet. All night in her stomach and rectum this dish was prepared!

Pulling My Shit Out

The huge text in the free preview/GIF is NOT in the video. I was trying to make a new anal fisting video, but when I put my hand in my ass, I could feel something. Something hard. So I pulled it out. It was a little log of shit! I put my hand back in to see if there’s any more, and there is. I pull shit out of my ass until I’ve got a handful of it then I show it to you. This video ended up very different than I expected but I’m glad, because pulling my shit out was super sexy!

English Scat Girl

This English Scat Girls likes to play with her shit. Chewing, licking, tasting the scat. See to believe it.