Facial Piss Forced

Lera’s Real Morning!

Lera’s real morning! This beautiful video is a real morning of a young girl and her morning toilet! She recently woke up – the shit in her sweet ass was cooked all night and this dish wants to go out! It stinks and is very difficult to swallow, but for a real toilet slave it is a very valuable delicacy and a stunning taste and smell!

Blindfolded Slave Eats Piss & Shit! – Part 1

She sits on his face and makes him eat her cunt real good. She places him under the portable toilet, squats on it, and shits and pisses right into his face, commanding him to eat it.

Training To The Spit Bowl Part 2

Toilet, spit bowl, ashtray – not only for the lady’s (Miss Snow White and Lady Vampira). Also the gentleman may use the Slavemouth and may amuse himself with the Lady’s about that in.

Public Toilet Humiliation Presents Total Diarrhea!

This office lady takes her regular visit to the public human toilet. She doesn’t know it, but this is a brand new slave and he is about to be introduced to toilet slavery in the most extreme way possible! She has a upset stomach and has a bad case of diarrhea which squirts out like acid onto into his mouth and across his face. There is far too much to consume in a few mouthfuls and he will be a while cleaning this HUGE amount of sloppy shit and swallowing it into his hungry stomach.