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3 Girls Power P1

Mistress Michelle is with Lady Lara and Lady Marie. Together they have great fun that muscular slaves used as a human toilet. He has to swallow piss, shit and scatqueens snot.

Chew Down Your Meal With Spit And Piss

The slave gets something special from the girls to eat, all three (Chantal, Elaysa, Domi) are spitting extensively on a pancake until it is completely poured over and swims in spit. After choking the sticky mass Lady Chantal and Lady Domi notice that they have to pee urgently and use the slave as their piss gulp.

Powertripping Bitch Sits And Pees On Her Man’s Face!

Wearing red and ready to get down to business, she tells her submissive man to lie the fuck down and do whatever she tells him to do. She squats on his face and rubs her ass and cunt on it, making him smell her pussy juices. After smothering his face with her firm ass, she turns around and spits right into his mouth. She squats over him again and pisses on his face, making him drink as much as he can.

Matilda’s First Scat Experience. Second Camera Angle. Lower Quality

Hi everyone, this is Matilda.. Well really I am worried a lot before showing to the world this videos as it is my first experience of playing on camera.I live with my other two girlfriends and we love perverted sex with each other or with other our good friends very much. We had this idea to record something nasty and filthy on camera for a very long time.So I was the first one who actually got all necessary bravery and turned this into reality, this is my first scat session ever, I mean the first recorded in the camera so I am a little bit nervous, I even wanted to stop in in the beginning, but as you see, when your friends are nearby and calming you down ? everything works better.My other two girlfriends and their boys are shy enough and the moment for getting recorded into camera, but who knows, if all you guys will show me that my videos are worth watching, my girlfriends maybe will change their minds and we also will provide our videos with better cameras and interiorsOk, here is the story of this one video. It was made by second camera, actually it was a smartphone, my girlfriend thought that she is recording in high quality but she simply forgot to press necessary button, but footage is good even if it has low quality of picture