Famous Women Pooping

Sniff And Smear

This was a request for me to be a bit more sensual. I was asked to slow down and describe the smells, textures, and feeling on my skin. Definitely the perfect load for this kind of video ?

3 Public Bathroom Shitting Clips Compilation

In one clip I pull up my dress in the coffee shop bathroom to reveal my garters and no panties! I then piss and shit everywhere but in the toilet! I take a biggg dump in the pristine white sink ;P Naughty! ——————In another, I strip in front of my phone camera, all the way down to my knit socks and kneel doggy-style on the floor, pushing my ass out to the camera and shit into my open hand 😀 I then dump the handful of shit into the toilet and flush it away! —————The last clip is a bathroom with stalls so I have to be extra sneaky – I head into one stall and strip naked then spread my legs and show you pissing and shitting into the bowl while flushing over and over and over! People must’ve been confused and maybe even a little annoyed at how much I was flushing. I wipe and keep flushing again and again!

Shitting On The Nasty Perv From The Gym Class French Version

You are probably wondering where you are… Well, after the gym class, me and the other girls kidnapped you and put you in the back of my car. I have a message for you. We don’t want to see you in the gym class anymore. We know you are a nasty old pervert! We can feel your eyes on our bodies all the time and it’s so creepy! The girls told me I can do whatever I want with you to make you understand, including shitting on your face. I think they were joking but… I really want to do it!!When I look at you I actually feel the urge to poop. You would look so much better with my warm shit all over your face! You like my ass don’t you? Very soon you are going to see what’s gonna come out of it! I’m sure this is what you were dreaming of all this time. You wish all the girls from the class would shit on you, one after the other! You are just a nasty old fuck!That’s it! I really have to shit now! Lick my asshole clean now! Stick my shit inside your mouth and savour it! Open wide! You know what? I’m gonna give you private classes and make sure my bowels are full so I can empty them on you face weekly. What do you think? You are so aroused by the smell of my shit, your dick is rock hard! Now I’m gonna stroke your dick with my shit covered hand. Don’t you wanna cum, you filthy pig?(Nice close-up of my poop at the end of the clip)