Fantasy Ra Pee

Tolerate Toilet Slave

In my new video, I humiliate and use a live toilet again. I fill his mouth with liquid shit. And he must have time to swallow while a new portion of diarrhea arrives. But he does not cope with this and I smear shit on his face. Afterwards, I spit in his shitty mouth and he enjoys the taste of my shit

On The Floor From The Chair

Sit on the chair, taking my panties of and taking a big shit right down on to the floor

2 Mistress & A New Slave! – Part 1

They take turns sitting on his face to make sure he can hold his breath for as long as he can. They each took a piss at a pitcher and make him drink all the contents.

Girl With Nice Boobs Puking In The Box

Girl with nice boobs puking in the box