Fart And Rimjobs

Toilet Time 46 – 47

Few things are so special and private as a girl sitting on the toilet pooping. I LOVE bringing my moments taking a poop on the toilet to you guys like I did in this frontal view! – From Toilet Time 46I should’ve called this one “Giving Birth” Us girls get those thick, creamy and sticky turds too that takes effort to push out like these two long ones I pushed out here for you being filmed from behind. You’ll see it was a nice & big shit. Too bad, it could’ve been a meal for a starving slave. – From Toilet Time 47Be sure to check out my other videos like Eat My Pussy where my slave ate me out until I spurted my girl cum right into his mouth during orgasm! Also check out my girl on girl toilet slavery videos in my store xoxo

The Queen’s Toilet B32

The goddess to slave mouth shit, orders the slaves all eat clean. Wear high heels in the body of the slave trample jump. And smeared the shit on the mouth of the slaves

Perverse-excesses, Rest Stop 09/09/14! Part 2

In my public rest stop action at 09/09/14 at a rest area in the Ruhr area, I was used extreme Kink and dirty from the men present there.Here in Part 2 you see as the next guy, my mouth deep and hard fucked and I started to cry. Then I had to pee and I squatted me and pissed through my open tights. The guy jerked my pussy and was surprised how much I pissed. That’s why he caught my piss with his hand and gave it to me to drink, and rubbed my pee in my face!