Fart And Sbitting

Addicted To My Shit

I shit a lovely, big load on a plate for you, slave, your very first shit mean, ever. And I smile big as I imagine you how you’re going to feel, taste, chew, and eat my smelly turd, all while jerking off with my shit on your cock. Pay close attention, and do everything I say, shit eater. When you’re done, you’re gonna be addicted to my shit

Open Mouth Pork That We Do In The Hunting

ooooh you like your Miss urging you to do your duty by licking ass and eat shit that you are nothing, you open your mouth, I get off the hot pee in the toilet framing everything well, I ran away to die, and then comes the good shit for you, the scat, so you’re not an eat shit ??? then out of the depraved language …

Annika Smeared Rieke With Chocolate Sauce!

How wonderful it is when two really perverse cunning ladies go into the garden to let their desires run wild! This time the two play with chocolate sauce and Rieke is a plump cream nougat load via a syringe into the intestine of Annika. Rieke is covered with the brown mass and a big load of Annikas pee…