Fart Ass Sniffing

Mistress Gaia – My Shit On His Face

Finally I can look at the face of this slave with some satisfaction. How is it possible? Simple:I’ve just completely covered his face with my divine shit! He would like to thank me … but he cannot do it; in fact, besides covering his face, I filled also his mouth with my chocolate!!

Kv-girl Gets Shit

I am shown by my mistress and by Rosella and Contessa shit and must rub it on my body


Big poop from atop cinder blocks!

Brown-thunderstorm For The Toilet Slave!

Have a new toilet slave one brown and one yellow Thunderstorm given! The new slave wailed around until he came to me, he have to piss. So I told him to piss himself in the mouth. But he was urinating thereby only himself fully because his beam was not hard enough! I just made fun of and only piss him as a punishment in the stand in his mouth and then shitting. The shit that landed on the ground, I then stuffed into his mouth and orders him to eat anything. After he had eaten my shit he had to lick the floor clean and the piss-shit-soup was landed on the floor, sipping on! He had thereby a giant latte and for rewarding I gave him a blowjob and then milked him off until he squirts in a high arc!