Fart Cat Licking

Serve Me Toilet Slave

My slave will have to serve a bit before being feed so first he will lick my ass .After shitting in his mouth making him very eager to eat i first order to my toilet slave to lick clean my asshole. After that i forcibly pushing shit into his mouth with my hands with gloves, so enjoy the feed.

My Chair With The Toilet Slave

Today is a festive day for the Mistress … Today opens the toilet chairWhat better way to inaugurate except through a beautiful and abundant crap in the face of a toilet slave? The wonderful Mistress Giorgia Divina first makes a big leak in the face to the slave and then covers it with shit. In the end Mistress spreads across his shit in the slave’s chest.

Peeing On Her Feet

Peeing on her feet (JJ000060)

Couple Of Kinky Scat Porn Stars Having Fun In The Gym

Couple of kinky scat porn stars having fun in the gym