Fart Fat Girl

Piss In The Face For The Slave

Today Mistress Giorgia Divina feels really bad and wants to show the slave all her domination in the most beautiful videoclip that has ever been done.The Mistress therefore decides that today she wants to piss in the face of the slave, without letting him drink, just for pure humiliation…The slave is drowned with a rag under his head and the Mistress begins with a abundant pee in his face, but the Mistress is not satisfied for so little, she takes his rag full of piss and puts it over the slave’s face.Of course she begins to insult him and spit on him, then begins to press his heel on the slave’s chest until he screams with pain. The slave stays in that position with the rag full of piss on his face for several minutes, in which the slave is left to suck piss off the rag.The Mistress begins to be satisfied with the treatment slaughtered to the slave and allows her to masturbate … but on the most beautiful when the slave is about to come, the Mistress stops him, making him moan in a wonderful tease and denial, this is repeated sometimes, until the Mistress decides that the time has come for the slave to reach the orgasm, of course always with the rag full of piss in the face.Wonderful Mistress !!

Pee On Homework

Damn school ! I pee on my homework.


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