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Sultry Valeria. The Best Plasticine In The World

Valeria is played with her poop. She kneads them with her own hands and sculpts balls from them!) Her poop is the best of any plasticine

More Scat Feeding In 3 With Goddess Andreea

After the latest scat threesome movie with Goddes Andreea, she continue to use her 2 toilet slaves. After the first part in this threesome, when she finish them feeding them in her lobby of her dungeon, now she continue the story and she use them harder. She order one of them to worship her foot, lick her heels or suck her strapon. She put them both with asses in the air and inspect them to see if they are clean. She use them in a bisex relationship and use their mouths as she wish. She sit on their mouth and order them to suck her juices. At the end, she put them on the floor, again, pissing in their mouth and shitting in them. She push her hands on their mouths and order them to cumm while eat and swallow her shit. Hard Romanian Domme !

Human Public Toilet Volume 8

Business woman visits the public human toilet to deliver he shit and get her daily ass cleaning by tongue. This lady is clearly very busy and her style of visit is almost normal as in she goes there to do her shit and then leaves without even acknowledging the pathetic human designated as the forever faithful human toilet.