Fart Fuck Anal

Relief To Shit

Do you like my shit? Ok…take a look my new clip, how I use the human mouth for natural waste. He loves to eat my smelly nasty shit. This is a crazy insanity.

Broken Toilet 18 – Eat From My Asshole

Time to bring you something new. I always talk about how much I love it when someone is licking my asshole when I start to shit. I LOVE the feeling of my shit starting to push the person’s tongue away from my asshole. It’s always been nearly impossible to capture this on film for you until now. The angle was worked out pitch perfect for you to enjoy the full on close up view of my slave licking my smelly asshole as it opens up. You ‘ll enjoy seeing how he licks the tip of my shit along with my stretched open asshole as I fill up his mouth slowly.I really hope you enjoy big soft loads as I took my time. I fill up his mouth and you can see him swallow it, I fill up his mouth a second time and again he swallows, then a third time and he swallows again. What a greedy little shit eating bitch he is! So the fourth time I’m sadistic and I keep pushing, not giving him a break. This is the perfect shit battle between a superior female asshole and an inferior male mouth. My asshole will win every time! I keep pushing without mercy, overflowing his mouth with my foul soft shit. He has to keep trying to keep up and keep licking my asshole as I simply keep shitting. I simply kept shitting and shitting and shitting without mercy ensuring he can’t keep up swallowing. I LOVE making a slave suffer so intensely! That’s why I’m moaning and grunting, it’s pure pleasure. During it all you also enjoy the full view of my vagina swelling up very big because this whole scene made me horny as hell! I blew quite a loud & nasty fart in his face just before my shit started flowing. Once I was empty he was such a gentleman. Licking my shit smeared asshole to say thank you for the honor of me taking this massive and nasty shit right into his mouth 🙂

Fresh And Hot Dungeon Slave! – Part 3

They take turns stepping on his young body, prepping him for more kinky action later. The boy begs for some mercy, which only fuel their need to dominate him.