Fart Her An Daughter Incest

Depilation Of A Human Toilet

Depilations can be very amusing if you perform them with others, so Domi has her fun before the slave fulfils his actual task and Domi serves as a living toilet. As a full toilet, he gets a wicked tampon put in his mouth and then is allowed to swallow piss, shit and vomit. Domi uses it just like a normal toilet.

Girls Wash, Stick To Each Other And Pissing.

Girls wash, stick to each other and pissing.

Lady Amy + Lady Grace Power Of Ladies P4

The pee in the funnel is not swallowed and the slave is taking a really long time. There is then another piss. Lady Amy is peeing again in the funnel and the toilet slave starts to swallow all the piss. Lady Grace pulls up and spits into the funnel relish knowing that the spit goes through the funnel directly into his throat.

Rachel Evans Piss 001

Pornstar Rachel Evans in pissing action. Wearing a nice personal string she starts to do some pissing for a slave. She wants him to drink and swallow everything, and afterwards she orders him to clean the floor.