Fart Japanese Girl

Double Shit In The Park

I was walking in the park. Really, I want shit. I take my jeans straight into the park and sit shit. After I have left a large and stinking heap.I was walking in the park. Really, I want shit. No toilet nearby. I pull my pants and I start to shit on the street. I feel better. I continue my way.

Shitting In Mouth Slavegirl In Woods

I like to walk in the woods and use slaves in nature. Slave knowing this tried to Dodge, but she failed! I whipped her good and shat her in the mouth. How she squirmed trying to spit, but I made her eat all my shit. She will learn a lesson for a long time!

Jeans And Boots And Pee

Sophia went out for the day but forgot to take her camera with her. As a result, she’s saved up her pee until she gets home so she can make a wee video for you. In addition to watching her pull down her jeans and thong to sit on the toilet, you’ll also get to see the goosebumps on her cold bum which she proudly shows off. Sophia was getting ready for her holiday in Brazil and did squats to make her booty a little bigger. What do you think? Was the extra effort worth it?

It Seems To Me The Sun On The Ass ..

and then just sunbathed and shit 🙂 … including close-up .. I have the chair taken?