Fart Mouth Slave

Mistress Rosella – Slave Had To Swallow A Huge Shit Soasage And A Lot Of Hot Pee! Part 2

Here you see the second part, from a total of three parts, from the full movie: Mistress Rosella – Slave had to swallow a huge Shit soasage and a lot of hot pee! Full Movie! Here in Part 2, there are plenty of shit for the toilet slave

Dirty Party 03

Our new babe Anna trys to shit in slaves face, but she can’t. This time, promise a shiting clip with her very soon. Well Nikki trys, she piss first trying to shit, then some shit also slides down in slaves mouth.

Aria’s Farts And Footlongs!!!

Aria was cranking out some serious water splashing plops in this one!! 15 great minutes of Grunting, plopping and straining as only she can!! I swear it?s hard to pick a favorite child and my favorite changes clip by clip, but Aria is easily one of my three favorite ladies hands down!!! She was really lighting it up in these clips and her commentary is hilarious as usual!! That ass of hers was really on fire in this one!

Best Friends Sis Shitting Iphone/ipod

The toilet gets his best friends younger sis comes over to fill up his mouth with some nice turds. Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD WMV, and Iphone/Ipod formats.