Fart Panty Poop

Black And White And A Lot Of Shit – Part 2

The caviar feeding of the slaves continues. No choking and no defense helps: everything has to go into the slave’s mouth. To make the slaves with the swallow unfortunately, we are so gracious and donate between the individual courses our pee. So swallowing is much easier.

Aria’s Chattin’ And Crappin!

Aria was in the bathroom for a good while in these two great clips – but luckily she wasn’t alone! Enjoy as she has two hilarious conversations with her friend while also dropping some heavy mega logz in the bowl!!! I wonder what she has been eating lately cuz it’s got this girl literally dropping bombz like saddam!! No complaints here, as I could watch this juicy ass of hers on the toilet all day!! Enjoy as she grunts, pl0ps, and strains and spreads those sexy asscheeks while also discussing literature, film, and music in humorous fashion with her friend. You aria fans know she often has entertaining conversations while at the same time! It gets even funnier when she is describing the smell and chatting about how the lysol she sprayed to cover her stiny smell is too ‘minty’, lol That sexy voice of hers just drives me wild!! I would love to be chatting it up with this honey while she’s going anyday!! Enjoy as she sticks that phat ass in the air while peeing her golden nectar as well

Falls Of Shit

In this disgusting video my great friend – Mistress Melissa – will surprise you with a real fall of shit. Welcome to the Niagara of Scat!