Fart Prolapse


Pasta party with Caviar & Champagne for my slave by Mistress AntonellaWhen a Pasta party is organised by Mistress Antonella, it’s a gastronomic meal.Sniffing for her slave in order to appreciate completely this amazing meal.She adds her Caviar with gracefully and elegance, and gives a glass of her Champagne! You wish to taste and enjoy this wonderful meal…

Hot Soup And Kaviar

Mistress Antonella. I’m preparing the lunch for you… a hot soup right from my beautiful pussy, then I add some kaviar from my sexy ass… then some pasta and cheese… I’m generous, isn’t it? I know you are hungry! Enjoy your meal!

The Piss On The Ass With Strap-on

Today Mistress Giorgia wants to deeply humiliate the toilet slave.The lavatory is put on four legs and the Mistress has prepared for him a phallus.She wants to put her in the ass and orders the slave to put a condom on the penis. The Mistress begins to put a finger in her ass and then quickly passes to the phallus…The slave is cautious of the pain but the Mistress does not care, sits on him and begins an abundant piss on the ass and the small piece of phallus that stays outside the ass hole.When she finished pissing, she realized that the slave did not take the toilet paper. The Mstress gets very angry and begins to kick the slave who begs the Mistress to forgive him.The slave cries out with sorrow but the Mistress does not care: she is too angry with him, sneezes, spits and obliges him first to replace toilet paper with tongue and then lick the piss on the floor. It continues by repeatedly penetrating the slave with the phallus.Mistress Giorgia orders the slave to open his mouth to keep the condom inside.Sadistic and bizarre Mistress Giorgia !!!