Fart Shit Her Self

It Was Really Difficult .. Very Tasty Video!

For the third day, Cristina is taking antibiotics. I asked her to send me pictures of the food she would eat these days before we met. This feeding was very difficult – I whipped 4 gag reflexes and caused Christina’s discomfort – it’s very bad! Shit Christina this time had a completely different taste and smell (this was noticed even by Christina). It had a sour pungent taste and smell, apparently antibiotics strongly violated the microflora. Swallowing was very difficult and it was really cool! Kristina behaved stiffly and constantly urged me, it was impossible to rest, I had to swallow every second.

Husband Likes To Drink Piss And Eat Poop! – Full Movie

Hungry man demands for something to eat from his wife! She knows what he wants so she proceeds to lay him on the floor and then begin with spitting into his mouth! She doesnÂ’t spend too much time on this and moves on to her next activity which is stripping off her clothes and peeing on his face! He opens his mouth wide open to catch as much as he can and then swallows! She knows that the guy is not yet full so she poops into his mouth! Without hesitation, he devours whatever lands inside! When she could no longer release anymore, she sits on his face and makes him lick her asshole clean! This is enough to get him aroused which caused him to start stroking his cock and then release a cumshot!

Housewife Punishes Husband By Pissing On His Face! – Part 2

After the guy lied down, the lady takes off her lower garments and then positions her ass on top of his face! Without warning, she starts pissing on him! Since the victim is caught off-guard, some of the urine got into his nose, causing him to open his mouth in the effort to desperately grasp for air! This caused him to swallow some of her piss! When she released everything, she leaves him on the floor, wet and smelling foul!