Fart Toilet Blonde Squatting Shit

Convict’s Thirst Quenched With Piss Fresh From Two Pussies!

A man in his cellar has been begging these two female police officers to give him some water for his thirst. At first, they ignored him, but it didn’t take long before they get irritated and decided to shut him up! What they do is pull him out and bring him into their office where they pin him down on the floor and then take turns urinating into his mouth! To make things worse, they later started using a makeshift funnel out of a recycled bottle to make sure he gulps down every drop of their piss! Though, they eventually put it away and pull his mouth wide open, making it easy for them to piss inside! When they get bored of it, they later proceed to get a glass and fill it with whatever they can release! They then have him sip again-and-again while feeding him with some real food! It is only when none of the urine is left is he allowed to get back to his cellar!

Slave On The Floor And Girls Above Shitting Part 1

Girls uses Man

My Lunch Is Good

So I walk along and a stupid guy bumps into me. Now his lunch is on the floor, but I am so nice and prepare another lunch for him. I shit in his plate and decorate the result with my ‘smarties’.