Farther Fucks His Durter

Ms Nony Feces And Kou’shui

The mistress ordered the slaves to open their mouths, to the slave’s mouth, to defecate, and to slaver, and to order the slaves to eat

Toilet Training Mind Control Jerk Off

I like to take normal men and transform them into human toilets. Another man came to me to tell me he had a scat fetish and wanted to be made into a human toilet. When I pissed in his mouth, he gagged so hard he nearly puked. So I knew what I must do. I must begin his training with mind control tactics. I took a big shit on his chest and stared to jerk him off with my shit, spreading it all over his body while telling him in my brainfucking voice how he will only ever be allowed to jerk off to scat porn from now on. He must only ever masturbate to shit. I want him to become a real toilet and for that, he must only be able to get hard from shit. Watch me break his mind and his cock as I change his way of thinking.

Tna Fill Up Part 1 1080p

Two mistresses Mistress Trish and Mistress Angie take turns filling up the toilets pathetic mouth with sloppy shit after big lunch of greasy fast food. Mistress Angie cant hold it any long and if up first dropping a pile of soft greasy shit in the toilets open mouth. These two dominant queens of the throne are available for sessions and can be contacted at

Horny Sausage Ne Shitting And Then Lollipop In Ass

I have pre-stretched my asshole and then re-drilled with the lollipop … will you lick it?