Farting And Pooping On The Toilet Ana Didovic

Jeans Peeing And Smoking On The Balcony

Smoking on my balcony when I feel my bladder is so full that I need to pee immediately, but I dont wanna go to the bath. Desperately holding the pee till I finish my cigarette, but at the end I just let it go! Wetting my blue jeans and making a huge pee puddle on the floor! The pee is running down my jeans legs making a nice warm puddle that I step in with my barefeet!

Pay For Humiliation

You’ll pay for your suffering and the fun I’m having with you. Watch as I drive your mind crazy with my own cruel and horny methods you little bastard. I’ll even piss in front of your eyes and don’t care.

Pov Shitting In Nylons And High Heels

Shitting so big Pralines,POV can you so good see when the shit comes!! I have sexy Nylons on and hot High Heels….come and lying under my ass and eat my Shit Menue!! I Love when you are horny from my ass and my shit!!