Farting And Pooping While Having Sex

Cock Girl With Girlfriend, Pissing In Her Mouth!

My girlfriend Heidi and I have caught at a Halloween party, a tail girl, at wanking. As our bladders were full we both, have the tail girl, pissed, as a punishment, in the mouth. The tail girl had to swallow our entire piss and had thereby jerking the tail. Was a lot of piss that had to swallow them away. Then she had us still our pussies licked clean.

Tied Up Humiliation-two Girls Shitting And Cumming

I was mad and I tied up Jessy to the chair.Her hands,her legs… even her mouth cause I didn’t wanted to hear her voice.She had played with her dirty panties without letting me now.I’m going near to her telling ‘You are a god damn bitch honey’ Talking dirty things to her and suddenly I need to fart.Fart in her face. I’m really very mad and I slap her face.The idea comes to my mind- the only way to forgive her is to poop her panties and make me cum.I untie her from the chair but turn her around and tie her hands. ‘You need to poop while your hands are tied!’ She poops a bit and tells me ‘I wanna see you pooping honey’ This is it! I’m ready! I already had the rush to poop.I fill my panties with my warm poop and some of it falls on the chair. It looks delicious. Now it’s Jessy’s turn to poop a lot. She puts her hand in her panties and poop in her hand.This smell is making me want her!

Mistress Gaia – Pantyhose That Taste Like Shit

Say the truth: you’re more attracted by seeing my feet wrapped in these veiled stockings or by seeing my ass and my shit? or by sniffing the perfume coming out of my asshole? Watching this video repeatedly you will get the answer…

Olesya’s Bladder Is Filled With Lot Of Pee!

Olesya’s bladder is really filled with a lot of pee! And she cannot hold it much longer… She takes off her clothes and then knees atop of the toilet seat. You can recognize some splashes of shit at the edge of the bowl. But that doesn’t disturb her because she knows who has to clean it soon…! But first she wants to empty her bladder – and I hope that YOU have a lot of place inside your mouth! Because today you are a lucky guy and can drink all of her pee – but don’t waste a drip! You will have to suck every drop away until everything is clean again. And of course everything else not belonging there has to be cleaned too…!