Farting Ant Pooping

Naked On The Potty

I got up in the morning, I was naked and I felt I had to have a dump. I do a nice and stinking a poop on my potty. I show you my dirty asshole and I tell you to sniff and lick my dirty ass.

Nanny Feeds Adult Baby With Her Own Shit! – Part 2 Hd Only

To make him sleep faster, she plays with his cock and makes him suck on her perky titties. She spanks him to make him behave and pisses on his mouth to give him extra nutrients.

Ridden And Peed On

We ride on a slave through the property. Livestock needs to be treated well and some rides help to keep them healthy. As a little strengthening he gets some pee from us to drink and is allowed to eat some grass, before we continue our ride.