Farting Competion

Scatqueens Lady Lisa And The Old Scat Eater P1

The old shit eater can look forward. Lady Lisa sits down on his face, spits into his mouth and then shits in his toilet mouth. Mistress Michelle then comes into the room, peeing and also shits into his mouth. But it is not allowed for him to chew and swallow. He has to wait until Lady Lisa once again crapped it into his mouth. This time more and very very soft. Mistress Michelles shit is pretty tight. A great shit mix. Then both Ladies spit on the shit and the toilet slave may begin to eat the shit.

Mistress Diarheea In Bathroom

My Mistress wrapped my head in black cellophane and put me under her gorgeous ass and pussy and use me to defecate a large diarheea into my hungry mouth !!! Then she use her pantyhose foot to gag me and feed me. And a ball gag at the end to remain like that until i finish my meal !!

Describing Diet & Bm Bent Over Poo

@ 6 Min ? I Start Off Telling You About My Last BM Then About What I Had 2 Eat Lately. Then Take A Look At My Dirty Brown Hole Winking At You Before I Shit Right In Front Of You While Dirty Talking. Then I Show Off My Nice Dirty Asshole & The Fresh Steaming Pile I Left For You!!