Farting Face In Public

Mistress Margo Scat Feeding In Pantyhose

Mistress Margo recorded more kinky and depraved movies ! She made another scat feeding movie ! She use her toilet in her room, humiliatiing him, trampling him and destroy him. She use his mouth to clean her shoes, suck her heels, clean her hosiery and as an ashtray. Then she shit on a plate and begin to feed him.

The Shit-eater In The Forest

Miss Jane has tied up a slave the day before in the forest on a tree, in the morning she looks like how he is. But not without bad motives. She was not on toilet, she wants to shit the slave in his mouth. That should be his breakfast she says – the slave obeys and willingly accepts the warm sausages, but he chokes and spits at Miss Jane. She gets damn mad at him and kicks the slave brutally with her black boots. Also a pair of kicks in the balls he has to go through. Ultimately, he obediently ate the whole shit.


Alionka is playing hot with panty farts!

My Longest Sausage

Look me in a very very long press out to sausage. At the end of the video, you’ll learn what extent it really has. So a long sausage I’ve never been shitting!