Farting Fat Ass

Pooping Compilation 7

7 minutes 50 seconds of some great big poops, watching her poop, pooping young woman, jerking to her biggest poop, peeing

Shit Sandwich Al’ Tina Blade

Tina Blade is paying me a visit, and we have a real shit eater here today. He have just finished a “meal” that I served him, and Tina comes running telling me she needs to shit. So the toilet must just get in position again. Tina start shitting a lot, and the toilet misses a lot of the shit. I am not to happy about this, so I get a spoon for Tina to start feeding him with the shit on the floor. But it goes slow, and he is struggling. So I get a sandwich from the kitchen, and Tina places her shit in between the pieces of bread. So now he can manage eating on his own. He gets very thirsty, so I get a glass and I pee in it so that he has something to drink with the sandwich, so does Tina. So he should be very appreciative that we take such good care of him, and feed him like we do.

Librarian Drinks Her Own Piss And Eat Her Own Scat!

In her break time this sexy librarian spends her lunch hour in a way that most good not imagine. Instead of rushing out to nearest restaurant for lunch she recycles past meals by serving herself with sweet golden nectar as her soft drink and delicious sweet smelling scat as her main course. YUMMY! ***Special discount

Recopilation: Noelia’s Poops

All the poops Noelia has made until now. Every morning, the slave’s breakfast, ruinning the slave’s book, the meal, her thoughts while she’s shitting …