Farting Fat Hairy Ass

Shit In Jar

You will see a hideous, big brownie that slides across the glass of the jar. I take a piece of my brownie on my finger and give you a taste.

Mistress Nikole – Time Of Shit

When I want to shit, I usually use my toilet slave. He is always ready to be my toilet and likes to lick my asshole. For the present slave licked my butt, I had a lot of shit. Then he opened mouth so wide and swallowed my tasty shit. Now my slave it’s a full toilet. Toilet full of my shit. I fill up your mouth again and again, my stupid slut.



Chocolate Chip Cookies Baked For My Toilet Slave!

Here I bake delicious chocolate chip cookies for my toilet slave. After I baked the cookies I garnish it with my hot shit as chocolate glaze! Will you ever lighten my delicious biscuits, with my hot shit as chocolate coating, taste. Then come to me, I am always on the lookout for everything guzzling toilet slave!