Farting In His Mouth

My Shit Tastes Good! Don’t You?

I’m a very kind Mistress… much kinder than what you really deserve. But what kind of Mistress would I be if I didn’t reward good behavior once in a while? What can I say, you’ve been very good lately, slave, so your Mistress is going to make you a special treat: Big Delicious Shit from the Source. That’s right, you’re going to be eating all my poop and you’re going to eat them all, slave, anytime and everywhere. Don’t you dare disappoint me, please! ? I push a huge smelly poop right into the slave mouth, and get right to feed you meal, letting you watch me …. finally, you get a smelly disgusting shit right in your stomach… now, jerk off, worm! ?

Filling Mesh Panties, 2 Clip Deal

2 clips for the price of one! Some of my first pantypoops were in these wonderful mesh panties. —————————————————–It’s like mesh panties were invented entirely for this purpose – you get to see the shit squish and spread against my panties as I let it go and it’s all framed by pretty lace! I speak in these older videos and I am excited to be making them for you! —————————————————–This first clip was so well loved a part two was requested. —————————————————–I have a lot of fun showing off my body and the panties in the second clip. Something about the way you can see them fill up and it starts to squish out of the fine mesh towards the camera – it feels so nice smearing up my crack and around inside my panties! You’ll see me smear it around and get it on my hands. —————————————————–It includes gratuitous ass grabbing and bouncing and some tasty tits! I talk you through the video and show you the filled goodies before packing them away for shipping!———————————————Now both clips can be bought together for great savings!

Some Piss In The Break Second Cam

We had to break the clip we wanted to shoot becuse Princess Roxy needed to pee. Sure she give all her piss to the slave.

Mistresses Punish Playboy By Puking And Pissing At Him! – Part 1

After making him drink piss, they stuff a lace panty on his mouth to make him gag. To make him suffer more, they puked on the funnel and make him swallow all of it!