Farting Oargasm Girl

White Leggins Scat

I am wearing my nice white tight leggins while i am posing for you, showing you my hot booty and all over sudden i feel like i have to poo. So i just relax and let it happen in my pants. Such a nice feeling! Of course i will show you how dirty i am all over my butt and my pussy!

I Love To Pee In My Jeans

I come to the bathroom wearing tight jeans, and need to pee so bad.I talk about how desperate Im to pee, but then I get a bottle of water and start drinking. I continue hold myself and say that I have to pee very bad.But l don’t want to pee in the toilet, I want to pee in my pants. After I finish, I say that feel much better, and that I love to pee in my pants.


Hot pooping, peeing and stroking shit,couting till you cum for mistress!

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