Farting Pooping Diarrhea

Shit Tastes Just Like It Stinks

You think shit tastes good? You think that all we ladies donate is just Geil and you can swallow everything down well? Then watch this video of a loser who thought that, too. But be warned, if you have made the decision and we choose you as a toilet then you will be used as such! Maybe you realize that it’s not the way your fantasy in your head cinema pretended to be and the shit actually tastes like shit…. only then it is too late *smile*.

Shitting Outdoors

It’s such a beautiful day; and Erica doesn’t want to waste a day like this staying cooped up in the house when she has to shit.She heads outside with her now broken in queening chair and shits a massive squirting shit. What a relief!!

Slaves Desire! Swallow My Piss!

In my Gangbang on January 10 in Karlsruhe, wanted one of the men, be my slave and cost and Swallow my piss. No problem, swallow not only himself gladly, but also donating, gladly, my delicious champagne!

Pamella Pissing In The Bathtub

Pamela likes to show you her hot and sexy body. She starts stripping in the bathroom, standing in the middle of the bathtub. But she knows what you really like: Watching her pissing just for you! So she starts peeing right into the tub. And at the end she takes a shower