Farting Tortura

Beggar Abducted And Then Drinks Dominatrix’ Piss! – Full Movie

It was just a normal night for a beggar when suddenly, a car stopped in front of him and then pulled him inside! Not long after, he is brought inside a house and further into a secluded room where he is then stripped of his clothes by a lady! Before he could say something to contest the situation, he is laid on his back and then sat on his face! There is nothing that he could do but drench the lady’s panties with his spit which she gladly enjoys! When she gets bored, she gets up, takes off her underwear, and then urinates on him! From time-to-time, she would push her pussy against his mouth to make him swallow her piss! When she has released everything, she proceeds to order the victim to eat her pussy and asshole! Knowing what she is capable of, there is nothing he could do but comply with her orders! The only time he stops is when the woman says so!

Pee In Public Park

Do not you miss this clip where Melissa peeing in the river. Look at what is in the public park, where someone might see it.

Lick- And Swallow-slave In The Flat-share (part 1)

Chantal uses her slave as boot licker. Her very muddy boots have to be licked for 20 minutes. Chantal tortures him with after-shave lotion on his fresh wounds. Also a burning cigarette is stubbed out in his mouth. Afterwards she fills a big glass with piss and orders the slave to drink all. You can see her filling the glass to the edge.