Farting While Shitting

Scat Meets Nylon

One of my most zealous toilets is filled with tons of pee and fresh caviar straight from the source. And the horny pig has swallowed everything greedy! With my caviar, however, it required some strict admonitions from my side, so that it chewed the creamy mass nicely and swallowed. I do not shit, so the slave spits out everything again! So chew it and drop it.

Mistress Lilly Preparing A Meal For Her Toilets

Mistress Lilly preparing today a nice meal in a bowl. Ingredients : her shit. She playing with her shit and give tasks to everybody who want to savour her delicious food with nutrients ! A nice movie with our Mature Lady Lilly !

Ms D’s Home Field Advantage!!!

Ms D took it back to the old school with this set! I used to enjoy her at home clips. Ms D gets to grunting and straining and farting like something else at home!! On top of it She can do more front facing angles so you can actually see her Grunt and Strain!! A nice 20 plus minutes of the GPS action she made so famous from day one!! This is especially for my more natural toilet trip lovers. Ms D only shows it coming out in two scenes, but you can hear plenty!! A nice throwback set from Ms D!!!

Slave No 16 In Visit

Mistress Extasy Gives its caviar and its champagne direct in the mouth of its submitted