Fartting Fail

Dirty Solo Home Enema! – Part 2

Part 2 – Now that the sweetheart is finished giving herself an enema, she wears her panties and then defecates! When she could no longer release anymore, she takes off her underwear and then spreads her poop all over in front of her! Though, shortly after, her asshole starts acting up again! Apparently, she hasn’t released all of it, so she proceeds to add more feces into her existing mess before playing with them to her heart’s content!

Dirty Schoolgirl

After school ended, I quickly ran home, I really wanted to go to the toilet. I had time … but just to do shit is not interesting. I shit on top of the toilet lid. The aroma and the look of fresh shit drove me crazy, I smeared shit, smeared my beautiful face with shit and masturbated my pussy with wild pleasure. And then I called my friend, smeared his strong dick with a plentiful layer of shit … and gladly licked all the shit with dick! A friend was delighted … you too will be delighted with watching this video;)

Mistress Gaia – My Shit On His Face

Finally I can look at the face of this slave with some satisfaction. How is it possible? Simple:I’ve just completely covered his face with my divine shit! He would like to thank me … but he cannot do it; in fact, besides covering his face, I filled also his mouth with my chocolate!!

I’ll Stuff Your Mouth With My Shit

open your dirty mouth and eat my delicious shit! you are nothing more than my toilet ..