Fat Anle Sex Poop

The Scatqueen

Scatqueen Mistress Michelle wants to shit into the mouth of her toilet slave. This time the shit lands not exactly in the mouth, but on the face. What a pity. From there, however, everything is then pushed into the toilet mouth. Mistress Michelle also helps and spits on top.

Scat Couple Erotic Making Out!

This is what scatology is about! Very erotic scene from couple who shares the same passion!

Mistress Gaia – Masturbate Watching Her Shit And Piss

In this video you can watch me doing my morning needs, that means you will see my shit coming out of my perfect ass and my piss gushing out of my shaved pussy. So you can masturbate as many times as you want by reviewing this video. From life, however, is another thing … try it!

Toilet Slave And The Duct Tape Trick Part 1

Diana had a new Strategy to make the Slave swallow it all. After the Girl pooped into his Mouth, the Girl left the Toilet behind and Diana enclosed the Slaves Mouth with Duct Tape and whipped his Butt until he swallowed all. Part 1 Diana. English Subtitles