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Here I have with my girlfriend Tanya together, our toilet slave, dirty used! He licked beautiful asses with his tongue! In addition we shit the slave in his mouth. And he had to swallow and eat everything. Of course, we also fed the slave beautifully with our delicacies!

Uncultured Shit-breakfast

Laura got up in the morning and decided to have a cultural Breakfast. But she’s all shaggy after a NAP, she just took a shower, dressed, as always, too much make-up beyond recognition (because of the fear that someone would recognize her) so unnaturally make-up ? And so, Laura decided to have Breakfast with pleasure and for that she poops in a beautiful saucer and peed in a beautiful glass! Then her began to eat the shit drinking piss. And in the end Laura has demonstrated her mouth is no different from the ass!Laura was so carried away that her Mask moved to one side and she began to look even more sloppy, just like a lustful slut – shit-eater.

Slave Cunt Tortured And Shit Into Mouth P1

Scatqueens Lady Domis Toilet Slave Cunt is kneeling in front of her. He get the whip and his face full of spit. With a long pair of pliers, his nipples are treated and his nose pinched before Lady Domi pisses him in his mouth with relish. After that she shits in his cunt mouth and he is swallow the shit slowly.

Scat Real Mother And Daughter – Proven In Documents

I don’t believe i made it, but i really made a scat movie with real mother and daughter ( Maria Aparecida and Priscila Aparecida). This is now after the scat sis the second time we’ve done real family scat. The mother orders the daughter to eat her scat after she is scat in her mouth. The daughter cry!!