Fat Bum Shitting

Smearing My Warm Shit On My Body

Today i had a great time with myself and my shit in the bathroom.I had a load in me and decided i use it as a bodylotion. 😉First i showed my sweet Ass and my tight Pussy in the camera, touching a bit, pushing my load a bit out and in – was really fun.Then i really needed to take a shit now.Pushing out a good load, in a good close up, followed by much Piss – i love that mix! The smell and the consistency was great for smearing.My shit was laying on the bathroom floor and the piss was flowing in the tiles, making it own way.I didnt thought it would be so much piss coming ot of me, but i didnt mind, and just sat in the piss.Beginning to put the warm, fresh turd in the hands, smearing it over my tits.I put a second turd between my Tits – a bit like a Titfuck.And at one point it escelated a bit. Not anymore on my tits as i planned before.I began smearing my chubby belly too, my pussy. Accidently came a bit in my hair cause i got open hair today.Playing with my shit smeared body was so much fun. I felt so dirty sitting in my piss and smearing shit on my body, it was for sure great!And it was the first time for me to taste a bit my poop. You cant really see it, i took a little hard piece of my poop and just licked with my tongue on it. I think there will be more of it soon. 🙂Anyway, i made a pretty mess!Have fun watching!Lot of Love,LucyScat

New!princess Mia

Scat Smearing Licking Ass


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