Fat Chick Squating Piss

Scato Boooooot

– Grinding, twerking- Naked- Ebony- Natural F cup- Uro / Scato- You are looking at me from the toilet

Gruesome Punishment! Man Is Pissed And Puked! – Part 2

Eventually, the sweethearts lay the man on the floor and then take off his last remaining piece of garment! One-by-one, they proceed to urinate on his face, causing him to desperately grasp for air! When they couldnÂ’t release anymore, they start taking turns drenching and covering him in puke!

Introducing Jillian And Margo!! Canadians Gone Wild!!!

Meet our newest Ebony and Ivory duo at Ladies Keeping it Funky ? Margo and Jillian!! They are are first ladies from the ?True North? of Canada. They are also roomates ? so enjoy their gutbusting adventures together!! They both had some bad Mexican food, and watch as both come down with a terrible bout of diarrhea in the first two clips ? especially Margo?s runny, squirty variety. Then both show great between the legs pov action in the second?Good lord what have these two been eating?!! They both produce some massive footlong snakes POV style in their second clips!! Even enjoy as Margo walks in by accident on one of Jillian?s stinky ass shits and goes ?Sorry, Shit!!??They must run each other out the house when they shit by the sounds coming out their ass!! This is one of the best four clip peeing and pooping sets to date!! Be on the lookout for these soon to be favorite Ladies!!


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