Fat Ebony Shitty Anal

Loser Eat My Shit

You think that using a toilet slave is a very difficult and unacceptable task. Tell me, what could be simpler than shitting the slave’s mouth and getting paid. His my money! I almost always shit in the mouth of my slave and he is grateful to me for that. God, how its sweet. He’s just a cutie. Thanks for my shit ))) Shit comes out all at once and makes a lovely pattern on the part of his body. I look back down at the slave and he seems so pathetic. And as if my fragrant, semi-liquid offering was not enough to beautify its face, I even add my spit.

Shiteater Handcuffed To The Stairway Part 7 Britany

His Arms handcuffed to the Stairway made an Excellent Toilet Chair for the Girls. Meanwhile the Girl checking her Messages the Slave was getting his Mouth filled with Diarrhea among other Things. Some found it very important him swallowing every little Bit of it, while others were a Little Bit more generous.English Subtitles

Bitchy Students Gang Up On New Girl And Makes Her Shit! Part 2

They push her face towards the floor and makes her eat her own shit! Then they make her lie down right on top of the mess so her body will be smeared with scat! They take out a mop, wiped it on the floor, and then wiped the shit-filled rag on the poor girl!