Fat Ebony Woman Pooping

A Lot Of Shit For The Slave

I have a wheelchair slave visiting, and he is hungry. As a polite host, I have no problem feeding him. So I tell him to hold out his hands, and push a really big load of shit in his hands. The slave start eating, but he gets thirsty, and he do not need to ask me twice! I get a glass and fill it with my really yellow piss, so am I the greatest host or what?He seem by the way to enjoy my cooking

Girls Dormitory’s 24/7 Human Toilet!

Meanwhile at the Girls Dormitory? The girls are as usual are on their best behavior whilst in the class, it looks like they wouldn’t hurt a butterfly! What happen after class, what do they do? They must go out of their mind with boredom in that dorm. NO they don’t, they have someone in the basement.. Their own human toilet who is all wrapped up, cannot escape and ready to take the schoolgirls disposed feces any time, any day its 24/7!!! The girl’s hard poo was watered down by her girlfriends piss!

Money Bitch

My bitch is chained and has to do certain services for money. I have a look with Miss Cherie how much he has earned today. The tiny sum of 200 euros are much too little, so we show the bitch what we make of it, we staple the bills on his nipples and his genitals, his mouth we use as a toilet. First I shit in his mouth, then Miss Cherie pees a huge load. The slave remains chained, waiting for his next job.


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