Fat Farting Ass

Do A Foot Massage And Eat Our Shit!

Do a foot massage and eat our shit! It was great, but very difficult! Today I have to do 2 things at once – do an excellent foot massage to my beloved girls and at the same time eat their shit. It was difficult for me to simultaneously concentrate on two things at once, and I often forgot about foot massage when I was eating shit, but the girls constantly reminded me of that. Both girls today received the maximum service from me, 1 girl devastated her ass, and the other enjoyed a massage. Swallowing today was very difficult. The girls were simultaneously tearing me apart – they wanted a high-quality foot massage and a high-quality toilet. I almost vomited on Kristina, her shit always has a strong taste and a liquid consistency, but I concentrated and did this dirty business! It was very bad for me, I was sick, but I tolerated it, and the girls at that moment were laughing and enjoying the process.

3 Ladies And A New Living Toilet! Attention! Extrem Toilet Slavery! Part 2

Here you can see the second part, from a total of 3 parts, from the video: 3 Ladies and a new Living Toilet! Attention! Extrem Toilet Slavery! Full Movie

Shitting Beauty

See this beautiful girl shitting and playingno audio