Fat Girl Messy Fart

A Caviar Rub On

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Full Pump Until The Brown One Comes

I have a meeting with Rosella Extrem and Contessa what the time with me before I did not know but I’m open for any shit so the two pumped me a lot of cream in the ass until nothing more was a slave was also with The chocolate bar then had to eat completely

Ayanna’s Grunting, Plopping, Straining, And Fingering At Work!!

Gotta lova Ayanna!! When she go break, she BREAK!! Like the Great Bernie Mac would say, lls! Enjoy as she takes another long potty break to go break off all the grunting, plopping and straining we love!! ENjoy as she describes what go her in that predicament. Looks like she went through more grunting and straining that the ploppin in this one. She even tries to finger out some more logz to no luck. Let?s just hope she washes her stinky hands before going back to work!!!