Fat Girl Pooping Shitting

1st Clip Special

Hey guys! 1st clip special video starts off with some horrible farts, we had gone to Tijuana flatz last night, right before they had closed i suspected the food might be a little over its shelf life but we were starving, I ordered the quesadilla with extra jalapenos. I like them because they give my farts a strong sulpher smell. But whoooweeee! When I woke up and I had some diabolical shit farts for you and your nostrils, lol its a good thing I had pants on most of the time or I would of shit liquid diarrhea right down your nose, haha its almost a shame I didn’t ;). I have to change multiple times as I just keep shitting my pants on accident, and this leads me to think that I need to flush every thing out. but i dont want it all to go to waste! I then decide to give my self a milk enema and make you a glass of chocolate milk. much later the terrible sharts returned and made me mess my self some more.God it would be so satisfying to watch you smell these horrible farts and vomit from my shit ( not before you eat it all of course)Now buy my clip so that I can ruin more of my clothes 😉


Drink and Eat my pee and shit slave!

Rear View At Crapping

You can not imagine how it makes me horny when I know that someone in the shit zuschaut.Komm and sit just behind me and look at me like I hit a nice fat sausage from my asshole.