Fat Lesbian Fetish Piss

Lady Yuna-scat Dream Continues

Dream or nightmare. It depends entirely on your fantasy. For my slaves probably a dream. He is lying under my ass and wait with open mouth for a big turd. This I serve him and then piss his whole face full. He has to fight with it. But I really motivate him to eat everything with hard beats. To make it easier for him, I stuff some with my hand into his open mouth. He chokes and really seems to suffer. But I know that he has his fun. Slaves love me for not knowing any mercy.

Mistress Roberta -helping Slave To Eat The Shit

Today i catch my slave with some heel marks on him and i give him a huge black cock to suck after i rip my pantyhose and i pee on his face and body and shit in my pots mouth and help him to eat all the shit i gave him .

It Really Hurt! Shouting Is Impossible – A Full Mouth Of Shit

It really hurt! Shouting is impossible – a full mouth of shit. Christina quarreled with her boyfriend and I suggested that she get emotionally discharged on me. She beat in full – such was the deal! She struck me 5 hard blows and came up to me to once again stuff my mouth with shit, and then again 5 strong strokes and again she pressed her shit into me. I had to eat her shit very quickly, otherwise she would continue to beat me, and it really hurt, especially when the beats hit one place !!! My hands were tied and I was completely in her power. I swallowed almost without chewing, great sips – the shit was tough and it was difficult to swallow, but the blows were very painful, so I swallowed quickly. It was a really tough meeting – this must be seen and heard.

Nurse Feeds Her Patient With Feces! – Part 2

The nurse continues giving the man a handjob! When he took too long to cum, she takes a short rest in the form of sitting on his face! She then orders the victim to lick her asshole clean! When she gets contented, she gets off of him and then continues with concentrating on stroking his penis back and forth! The only time she stops is after he reaches orgasm and shoots his load!