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Man Served With Fresh Piss And Feces!

After a long day at work, this woman wants to come home to a warm meal, but what greeted her instead is her husband lying on the floor and sleeping! Infuriated, she takes off her lower garments and then urinates on his face! This immediately caused him to wake up, but caught off-guard, he ends up staying still and grasping for air! To make things worse, she later follows it with defecating inside his mouth, leaving him with no choice but to eat her feces!

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And the next shit-toilet slave serving me like a living toilet. The slave was ready, his mouth wide open, lying on the floor. That he had everything that was in his mouth, and he could see my horny ass as he sang. What the slave did not know was that I had diarrhea. And that’s why I snatched from him a real huge Shit-Storm in my mouth. Beautifully soft, I pushed him a huge diaper bandage into his toilet.

Slave Eats It All

Mistress Rayven sits on her slaves mouth and gives him a nice feeding and he eats every bit.