Fat Mama Shitting

Blonde Panty Flowers

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Fuck My Ass Vol.1

I was planning to make a regular poop video when I started to feel the urge. Something told me it was time for some messy pooping, so I drunk about 16oz of prune juice and plenty of water. I held it in for about 15 minutes and setup to record when I thought ‘hmmm’ let me trying something that people have inquired about….so I got out my usual 7.5 dildo and some lube. It went in so easily and felt so damn good holding my poop even longer while fucking my tight ass. I slowly began pooping whenever I ease the dildo out of ass savoring each moment. Towards the end I let out a nice clump of poop then sat amazed at the wonderful feeling wishing I had a real cock to poop on….Please leave feedback, so I can make future even better.

My Slave Catching My Poopy

I get my slave to sit on the bed while I stand with my ass in his face and proceed to shit in his hand! I then order him to smear my delicious poop all over his face and body…I also pee into his cupped hands and watch him pour it all over his head! So freaking kinky!!!