Fat Own Shit Fetish

Lesbian Toilet – Chanelle’s First Training

I have been promising you all this for a very long time. That one day I will train a female slave as my toilet and film the training sessions. The wait is over! Let me introduce you to my female slave Chanelle whom I’m training as my personal FULL CONSUMPTION toilet.Chanelle blew my mind. By all the tell-tale signs I could see she never tasted poop before but for the first time in my 16 year career of training new toilets I have found the ULTIMATE toilet. And she’s female. That’s makes her extra special.In this video you will see many “firsts” for Chanelle. First time smelling unwashed ass, first time licking unwashed ass and first time tasting shit. My training program is usually six months. But Chanelle was only here for a mere five days. Meaning I had to squeeze my six month toilet training program into five DAYS!Chanelle agreed to my terms. Absolutely no food during her five day stay. She will LITERALLY only eat what comes out of my asshole. I have PROVEN that one woman’s body can literally support another woman’s body for five DAYS. Chanelle literally only got one meal a day, my bowel movement. She is perfectly fine! It’s quite possible that is why she was able to swallow my entire bowel movement on her first try and keep doing it five days in a row. She must’ve been hungry lolAs you can see watching my vagina. My arousal was pretty insane from having another woman making her mouth available for me to take a shit into heheThis is my very first “girl on girl” toilet training video I’m releasing to the public. Do not miss this as there will be coming more of them. I’m releasing all the videos of her feeding from my ass several times during her stay. Stay tuned as more of my Lesbian Toilet Training videos will be released :-)Please Take Note: This video is a semi direct feed (Ass to mouth)Full Disclosure:Please do NOT attempt this yourself. Letting someone eat only your shit for five days can be dangerous if you don’t know what to look out for. I did my homework on Chanelle’s medical history, did lots of aftercare with her and keeping an eye on her vitals. I’m also in perfect health and ate large meals daily to ensure she will get some nutrients from my shit as it was her only food source. xoxo

Mistress Roberta – Shower Shit With Peperoni And Corn-pov

Today i get into the shower room and i start to prepare your breakfast first peeing on the floor but also on my hand and after i turn around and shit a big portion of poop just good to be eaten very smelly with corn and peperoni inside i gather it all in one place so you can see it all nice and after i give you my smeared ass hole to lick it clean i also wipe it after and give you an nice close up of your tasty breakfast so enjoy .

Mistress Anita Strapon Fucking And Piss Drinking

Mistress Anita wanna fuck hard a nice asshole today. She call her slave and use on his ass her new strapon for her dirty pleasures. She deepthroat it into his mouth, then shove it full inside his asshole. At the end, she offer him her golden nectar, her champagne to remember this session.

Ste Sis On A Scat Marathon! – Part 2

After a few minutes, clumps of shit comes out of Lara’s ass! Paula spreads the shit all over that ass like mudpack!